Canadian Tamils’ Humanitarian Association (CTHA) is a non-profit organization registered in the province of Ontario, Canada. Our main objective is to support people still suffering from the inevitable consequences of civil war which erupted in Sri Lanka. We focus on forming stable support systems to help rebuild communities.

We facilitate, initiate and support early childhood education, advocate on behalf of differently-abled persons to reach their full potential, provide women with opportunities to thrive within their communities, enhance health and wellness for better access to medical care, and develop infrastructure for a more stable and sustainable future.

Volunteers play a significant role in the support we provide to the Tamil communities in Sri Lanka, facilitating and enhancing the well being of Tamil children and women, and ensuring that they are supported, and that the impact of inequality is reduced in culturally-sensitive ways.

Join us as a volunteer at the Canadian Tamils Humanitarian Association (CTHA) to help support Tamil communities in Sri Lanka. Tamil women and children have exceptionally difficult lives within their communities and struggle to have their voices heard. Women and children participating in our initiatives have a real opportunity to take control of their lives and improve their future prospects. They cannot do this without our volunteers.


We are seeking volunteers with a wide range of skills and experiences to help us become a stronger, better functioning team. Please follow the link for more information:

For DONATIONS and other inquiries please email us.