BT/Kallady Vivekananda Vidyalayam is an important school in Batticaloa district. It is a 1AB type school that plays a major role in the educational development of children in Batticaloa.

Students from further away are housed in the girls’ hostel. There are 77 students from underprivileged families and remote rural villages staying in the hostel while studying here. Some of these students are orphans and others come from families with limited literacy.

This vital hostel was not in good condition and lacked basic amenities. There were not enough beds for the students, limited furniture for the study and dining areas, poor bathroom facilities, mosquito infestations and the building itself required repair.

Through a donation of SL Rs 1,470,000 (CAD $14,700), CTHA was able to renovate the facility and furnish the hostel.

Donated: $14700 of $14,700