In October 2016, the Canadian Tamils Humanitarian Association (CTHA) hosted a tremendously successful drive to collect clothing, toys, books, and used spectacles to send to people in need in the underdeveloped rural communities of Batticaloa, Sri Lanka. The collected items were distributed to families struggling with poverty, for whom such items, so everyday for us, are usually out of reach.

It was heart-warming to see our local community come out to support such an initiative, and it was impressive to see how quickly people were willing to come together and work for a good cause. We managed to gather enough to fill over 60 boxes with good quality reading material, stuffed toys, puzzles, eyeglasses, bags, purses, school stationery, various articles of clothing, and more. Nonperishable food items were also collected from donors on behalf of the local food bank. The boxes were packaged and shipped on the same day.

Donated: $4500 of $4,500