Ozanam Centre is a home for those who need special care and attention. The home is run by five sisters and currently cares for differently-able children and teenagers. The needs of the children are varied, including those with learning disabilities, autism, Down’s syndrome and physical disabilities.

The centre was in great need of renovation to properly care for these children. For example, they had no toilets that they could use independently, hygienically and safely. Bed wetting and falls from inappropriate beds were also a problem, so we helped them to buy foam mats, which are a safer and more hygienic alternative for them.

The kitchen and dining hall were in desperate need of renovation and the home struggled to provide regular salaries for the staff. Most of the staff are girls without families working tirelessly to feed, bathe and care for these children from 5:30am to 9pm every single day whilst studying for their own O-Level exams.

Our main contribution was used to help renovate their building and facilities, and provide wheelchairs for some of the children.

Donated: $3000 of $3,000