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Clean water, toilet facilities, health and education are vital for a healthy, economically-stable community. They help disadvantaged communities become stronger and, ultimately self-sustaining.

Since the end of the Civil War, Sri Lanka’s urban regions have seen considerable development. However, Tamil districts and villages still lack basic amenities and infrastructure. This has a big impact on their potential to develop prosperous economies.

Water continues to be a scarce, but precious resource in villages, particularly those in remote, drought-prone areas in the Batticaloa district. The lack of safe drinking water is a high risk to health.

CTHA’s Adopt-a-Village project seeks to address these serious issues. It was launched with a pilot project in September 2016.

CTHA visited several villages before selecting Pavatkodichchenai, a village in the Manmunai District, Batticaloa. Pavatkodichchenai and its neighbouring villages consist of approximately 867 men and 891 women.

The Adopt-A-Village project seeks to target development holistically, including access to clean water and toilets. The first stage was to provide villagers with clean, accessible water through five tube wells, which will pump water from a hundred feet underground to a reserve tank to distribute to nearby areas. This has a huge impact for all villagers, but especially women and children.  Women are usually the ones who travel long distances to collect water for their families. Easier access to clean water will also reduce infant mortality rates in the area.

We will also provide toilets for 25 of the neediest families in the area. Families with teenage daughters, elderly members or members with a disability will be prioritized. Toilets will also ensure more hygienic conditions in the local area.

Donated: $100000 of $180000