Sri Lankan communities are still emerging from the aftermath of 30 years of civil war.

With your help we can continue making notable differences through targeted, problem-solving projects and longer-term initiatives. Together we can create meaningful change in the lives of individuals and families in the northern & eastern provinces of Sri Lanka.

Volunteers play a significant role in the support we provide to the Tamil communities in Sri Lanka, facilitating and enhancing the well being of Tamil children and women, and ensuring that they are supported, and that the impact of inequality is reduced in culturally-sensitive ways.

We have a kind, caring, and hardworking team that could always benefit from new people and ideas. Our dedicated volunteers will help support CTHA’s vision and mission, and play a vital role in the Tamil community.

Join us as a volunteer at the Canadian Tamils Humanitarian Association (CTHA) to help support Tamil communities in Sri Lanka. Tamil women and children have exceptionally difficult lives within their communities and struggle to have their voices heard. Women and children participating in our initiatives have a real opportunity to take control of their lives and improve their future prospects. They cannot do this without our volunteers.

Can you help?

We are seeking volunteers with a wide range of skills and experiences to help us become a stronger, better functioning team. We are particularly looking for:

  • IT professionals with basic front end web development skills to manage our website.
  • Writers and editors to write progress reports and periodic newsletters.
  • Event management and helpers to set up, attend and manage community events and street festivals.
  • Project coordinators for our projects in Sri Lanka (e.g. Adopt a Village, Micro Credit, Pre-school education).
  • Marketing specialists to generate marketing materials and work with event managers.
  • Social media specialists and enthusiasts to help keep our social platforms relevant and engaging, to generate interest in our projects, to encourage donations and create ‘buzz’ around our events.

This is a great opportunity to try something new, be part of a team, and use your skills to help a greater cause. You will meet many new people and learn many new skills as well.

You can of course also get in touch informally (through the same form) to discuss how you might be able to help and develop your skills alongside more experienced volunteers.

You can also help spread the word through your own social media accounts.