The Canadian Tamils’ Humanitarian Association is a non-profit organization registered in the province of Ontario, Canada. Our main objective is to support people still suffering from the inevitable consequences of civil war which erupted in Sri Lanka. We focus on forming stable support systems to help rebuild communities.

We generate positive change in the many disadvantaged rural communities affected by civil war, especially women and children in the Eastern and Northern provinces.

Many of our projects are targeted and solution-focused, dealing with immediate specific needs, but all work towards the long term, strategic goal of helping communities rebuild and become secure and prosperous.

We promote, facilitate and support early childhood education for boys and girls, advocate on behalf of differently-abled persons to reach their full potential, and provide women with the opportunity to thrive within their communities, which in turn we hope will secure more stable families.

We are supported by the Tamil Diaspora, and in turn give them the opportunity, through us, to help rebuild the lives of those back home.