Adopt-a-Village (2017-2019)

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Ozanam Centre


Dharisanam, Kallady, Uppodai

About our Non profit

Our Mission

We facilitate, initiate and support projects that create positive change for rural communities affected by the civil war in the Eastern and Northern provinces of Sri Lanka. Our focus is on helping the most disadvantaged communities, to hope for, and achieve, a more secure and prosperous future.

As well as supporting rural development in neglected Sri Lankan Tamil communities, we promote early childhood education, and advocate on behalf of differently-abled persons to explore their full potential. Our work enhances the economic wellbeing of women and provides opportunities for the Tamil diaspora to help rebuild the lives of those back home.



CTHA is run entirely by volunteers who work with us because they want to make a tangible difference: to improve the lives of Tamil women and children who are still suffering in the aftermath of 30 years of civil war in Sri Lanka.

With  your help we can continue making a real difference through targeted, problem-solving projects and longer-term initiatives. Together we can create meaningful change in the lives of individuals and families in the Northern and Eastern provinces of Sri Lanka.

We have a kind, caring and hardworking team that could always benefit from new people and ideas. Click on the volunteer tab to learn more about how you can get involved and work with our team to support these efforts.

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